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Alexia began formal vocal training at the age of four from her mother (reknown master coach, Examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music, composer, producer and recording artist --VICTORIA aka VICKI (

After placing in a competition and being featured in a Broadway Musical CD compilation at a very young age, the mother-daughter team set out to develop ALEXiA as a vocalist and actress.  

Combing these two of her talents, in 2017, ALEXiA was selected to perform as the only child soprano, amongst professional actors, in the Musical "Narnia" at the prestigous Actor's Playhouse in Coral Gables, Miami. Since then, she became a regular actor with the reputable Playhouse for the few years following.

In the summer of 2018, ALEXiA`s debut single entitled STARLIGHT (with mixes by Artie Rodriguez and Jay Alams) was released to test a limited market.  This spiraled into several iradio station interviews, a 2 page magazine spread and also opening the Summerfest concert in Port Saint Lucie, with veteran dance performers.

Then one day, ALEXiA said, "Mom, isn't the rest of the world going to hear Starlight?"  From that moment, preparation for an international release began.

Starlight was then remixed by Billboard remixers Lewis Martinee Sr., Lewis Martinee Jr., Dan and Sam Mathews (The Klubjumpers). New mixes were released on an international scale. The accompanying video was released simultaneously.  Starlight hit #1 on the Digital Radio Tracker Independent Chart. 

ALEXiA is also active in competitive dance (tapp, jazz, ballet, hip hop and lyrical). Further, she holds a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do (Martial Arts) and involved with Equestrian Riding.

She continues to work as a young actress, (TV/Film/Theatre/Commercial), and is currently on the roster of various top Talent Agencies in the US and in Europe. Talent agents can easily review her CV on the major casting sites. 

Her plan is to continue to sprinkle Sparkle everywhere she goes.  She wants inspire and empower young ladies everywhere.  And, this is the basis for her Talent & Tiaras Event, now held nationally in various cities.

Most recently, she has been co-writing and working with Grammy award winning songwriters and producers.  

For interviews, acting related inquiries, show bookings, etc. please contact us via the contact form and we will direct the inquiry to the appropriate agent or manager. 

Thank you for visiting.

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