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Talent and Tiaras event to Celebrate & Empower girls


Miami. Orlando. Key West. Palm Beach. Atlanta. New York .Los Angeles. Toronto. Montreal. Vancouver

This is a special event close to my heart  to nurture and empower young ladies of all ages from 4 to 16 years of age.  This is an event to CELEBRATE each and EVERY young lady that attends this special event.

Each participant will receive a Tiara on stage at the end of the event.  Each participant will also receive some sort of educational scholarship (from $50 to $200).  And, each participant will attend a FREE virtual empowerment workshop.

The workshop is to nurture and create community.  It will be a time of mentorship also.  Leadership skills will be introduced and some discussion in regards to speaking up, being assertive in a kind way, kindness, supporting each other, bullying, gossip, congratulating and sharing in each other's success, and the importance of education and continued education.

This will be followed by event day instructions, question and answer period.

This event experience is to evoke empowerment by helping girls find their voice, give them space for their emotions, ask for their opinion, try new things, show them that the sky's the limit, have them embrace role models, and nurture confidence and self worth.

Girls with disabilities are encouraged to participate.  A parent, guardian, or therapist is welcome to assist.  This event is FREE to all Foster children and children with disabilities.


Each participant will be introduced on stage to perform their selected talent.  Some can perform an instrument, sing, dance, recite a poem, act out a monologue, etc.  There is a list of talents that can be shared upon registration.  There is a 4 minute maximum time limit.  And, attire must be appropriate to the talent and approved by a director.   Each participant will later be asked once more to come on the stage in an evening gown (ankle length).  Makeup must be minimal as we want to promote natural beauty.   The participant will be asked one out of five questions.   Afterwards, she will be crowned with a Tiara and celebrated.   A professional photographer will be present and there will also be photo ops. Packages can be purchased later. 


I am proud to host this event.  Again, it will be expressed how each young lady is beautiful within  and special in her very own way.


This is a long gown/black tie affair.  We will be seeking sponsors for this event.  Thus, if any parents have a business and wish to sponsor or advertise, please inquire as there will be advertising opportunities. 



Please contact us through the contact form.  Your message should include the following:

1. Parent's Name, email, and best contact number (along with best time to contact)

2. Child's name, age, and city. 

3. Talent decided or if unknown (we can send you a list of options)

We will respond with further instructions, communication, and payment options (if applicable).


We have closing registration dates for each event in each city.  Please be observant of these dates.

Now let's celebrate these young ladies.

Thankyou all for your support in making this event special.



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